Komend weekend is het zo ver. Vier teams gaan de uitdaging aan om 24 uur te CrossFitten. Dit jaar zweten voor het KWF. Kom jij ons aanmoedigen? Een donatie is welkom! Per uur gaan de teams zoveel mogelijk herhalingen maken van een drietal oefeningen. Alle support is dus welkom. Zaterdag van 12.00 tot zondag 12.00 ben je welkom. Dus ook midden in de nacht 😉 .   What is the 24-Hour AMRAP Challenge?
  • a virtual real-time team event that lasts for 24 hours
  • start time is december 15th noon CET, end time is december 16th, noon CET
  • six athletes per team, at least two female athletes per team
  • every team performs this event in their own box
  • the athletes have to stay in the location during the entire 24 hours
  • every hour upon the hour, we will publish three movements online
  • your team needs to complete at least 500 reps per hour using these movements
  • only one athlete can work at a time, teams have to work in a caroussel style fashion
  • you are free to use one, two, or all three movements, or any combination of them
  • every hour the team submits their score online
  • the online leaderboard will be updated every hour creating true real-time global competition
  • at least one CF-L1 or Certified CF Judge must be present during the 24 hours
  • the team that has completed the most amount of reps after 24 hours, wins
  • to verify movement standards and fair play every team is required to film 15 minutes of every hour of the team in action
  • top teams in global ranking wins the world championship trophy and epic bragging rights
  • click here to register your team now!